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Samaritan woman at the well bible verse

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Start free trial. It was about noon. How can you ask me for a drink? Where can you get this living water? Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life. What you have just said is quite true.

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Woman at the Well: A Story of a Loving God

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This passage is bleeding. There are seven hundred years of deep-seated racial hatred coursing through this passage between Jew and Samaritan. There is also religious hatred, with different views of the Bible and ways to worship God.

There is nationalistic hatred, with terror being inflicted both ways. In other words, Jewish men looked upon Samaritan women as dirty, vile, unclean, less than human. A recipe for abuse. In other words, it is the death groan of someone watching their life source flow out of them.

Anyone who has lost a lot of blood understands how thirsty you get. Hence, in Scripture thirst is used as a metaphor for the need for God. First, her thirst looks like loneliness and isolation. She, however, goes to the well at the hottest time of the day noon alone. Second, her thirst looks like her sexual history vv. She has tried to quench her thirst with men. Where are you bleeding? Where are you thirsty, in need of God?

The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. Think Isaac, Jacob, Moses. They found their wives at a well.

This is why verse 4 tells us that Jesus had to pass through Samaria. Jesus had to find his bride! Calculate the number of men in her life. Verse 18 says she has had 5. Seven is the perfect number in the Old Testament. It is the number of completeness, wholeness, and healing. Jesus is the man she has been looking for her whole life. Jesus is the living water. Jesus heals our bleeding hearts. Embracing More of Jesus and John Good News Not Good Advice.

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Spiritual Rebirth: The Samaritan Woman at the Well

John Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water. John After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst. Genesis Behold, I stand by the well of water; and it shall come to pass, that when the virgin cometh forth to draw water , and I say to her, Give me, I pray thee, a little water of thy pitcher to drink;. Jesus says to her, "Give Me to drink.

The story of the woman at the well is one of the most well known in the Bible; many Christians can easily tell a summary of it. On its surface, the story chronicles ethnic prejudice and a woman shunned by her community.

Jump to navigation. We used the reading from Year A since we have six people entering the church. Other parishes may have used the Year C Gospel, Luke This reading overflows with good news that "true worship" is not found in any building or cult but in the hearts of believers who worship God "in Spirit and in Truth.

4 Amazing Things We Can Learn from the Woman at the Well

Just before He ascended to heaven, Jesus told his disciples, Go and make disciples of all nations. We know that this is a command for all Christians in each successive generation. Yet I think most of us feel guilty because we hardly ever tell anyone about the greatest gift in the world salvation through Jesus Christ. But usually our problem is to know how do to do it. One of the ways is through Friendship Evangelism. The premise is that as we try to win people to Jesus Christ, we must attempt first to become their friends, talk to them, listen to them, invite them to our homes, go places with them, show them love, help them in their need. Then when they see that we really are different, they will want what we have and we can share Christ with them.

Lesson 3: The Samaritan Woman (John 4)

Please check the reference to make sure it is correct. The Samaritan Woman. Jesus, tired from his journey, sat down there at the well. It was about noon.

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Jesus Christ was the master teacher of all times. He taught in such a variety of ways. While he frequently spoke to the multitudes, he also spent considerable time in one-on-one situations. He gave kindly attention to the individual.


This passage is bleeding. There are seven hundred years of deep-seated racial hatred coursing through this passage between Jew and Samaritan. There is also religious hatred, with different views of the Bible and ways to worship God.

By Rev. John Trigilio, Jr. Kenneth Brighenti. The Samaritan woman at the well is no angel. Mixed up with a wrong crowd, this poor woman from Samaria has quite a reputation.

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

When Jesus speaks with the Samaritan woman in John , is the passage about her husbands literal, or symbolic of the five different tribes that were settled in her town? The Samaritan woman, unlike other individuals who speak with Jesus in the Gospel of John, is never named. Some interpreters have taken this anonymity as an invitation to view her as an abstraction, a symbol of Samaria itself. If she is a symbol, the thinking goes, then surely her five husbands could represent the five locations in Samaria that settlers are supposed to have been brought according to 2Kings This approach treats the Samaritan woman as a mere allegory. This view gains traction when we look at the heavy symbolism in the story. Readers of the Jewish or, for that matter, the Samaritan scriptures would know that when a man and a woman meet at a well, a wedding usually follows. And this well is not just any well; it is the same well where Jacob met his first wife Rachel in Gen

Verse (Click for Chapter) · New International Version Soon a Samaritan woman came to draw water, and Jesus said to her, “Please give me a drink.” 6Since Jacob's well was there, Jesus, weary from His journey, sat down by the well.

Question: "What can we learn from the woman at the well? This was an extraordinary woman. She was a Samaritan , a race of people that the Jews utterly despised as having no claim on their God, and she was an outcast and looked down upon by her own people.

Samaritan woman at the well

The Samaritan woman at the well is a figure from the Gospel of John , in John — The woman appears in John 4 :4—42, However below is John — But he had to go through Samaria. So he came to a Samaritan city called Sychar , near the plot of ground that Jacob had given to his son Joseph.

Clueless preaching about the Samaritan woman misses the point






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