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Cool curly hairstyles for black guys

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I am forever struggling with keeping my hair looking neat with my curly afro. Do you have this same problem? Ultimately, I settle for military-style haircuts or high-taper fades. However, I was wrong. You can learn how to make black male hair curly with some simple tricks and products. So, stop cutting your hair short and take a look at these tips for how to get curly hair for black males.



Curly Hairstyles For Black Men

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Black people often talk about good hair and bad hair. I assumed that you had to use complicated techniques to get curly hair for black men. A while back SheaMoisture gifted me with a lot of their products to test out. The first step to locking down a curly hairstyle is finding the right barber. One bad haircut could require you to cut it all off and start from scratch. Most importantly the haircuts by my barber, Leon are always on point.

I typically go with a mid-fade for my current hairstyle. I recommend all of my Kentucky guys go see him. The next step to styling your hair is detangling. The directions on most products will recommend combing the product through your hair.

I try to untangle as many knots as possible while washing and conditioning my hair. Keep in my that a little really goes a long way so I recommend using about a quarter size amount of each product. As you finger-detangle your hair pay attention to how the texture feels. Before you rinse your hair, you want to make sure it feels silky and smooth. The frequency at which you wash your hair is personal preference.

I typically wash my hair about times a week depending on how it looks and feels. Remember you only need a quarter size amount! I talk about keeping your hair healthy in a bit more detail here. I secretly wanted to do that, but I accepted that someone that looked like me could never model. I like to spray my hair with a bit of water during this step to help activate those curls.

The last step to curling your hair is applying a bit of gel to define and hold your curls. This technique will make your hair clump up which forms bigger curls just like a curl sponge. If your clumps up too much you can just detangle it with your fingers.

Usually I use a cream and gel. Site is loading. IT About Contact. Find the Right Barber The first step to locking down a curly hairstyle is finding the right barber. Stop Using Combs The next step to styling your hair is detangling. View this post on Instagram. Turn on your JavaScript to view content. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

20 Iconic Haircuts for Black Men

The top hairstyles for black men usually have a low or high fade haircut with short hair styled someway on top. Here are 50 cool haircuts for black men to get in From the high top and afro fade to the wave and line up, these haircuts for black men are hot, easy, and stylish.

Are you looking for the best curly hairstyles for black men? Black men with curly hair have a number of cool haircuts they can get. However, the challenge is styling and maintaining their naturally kinky hair and curls to look good every day.

December 10, By Jeffery R. Hamilton Leave a Comment. One of the advantages of having afro-textured hair is that you have tons of hairstyles for black men to choose from. The wide variety ranges from short and sleek haircuts to long hairstyles with braids, twists, dreadlocks, and more!

How to Get Curly Hair For Black Men With a Few Simple Tricks

Many black men struggle with keeping their hair looking curly and neat. Most of them lose the battle and settle for short haircuts, such as high taper fades or military style. What can be done to keep the hair looking beautiful without cutting it too short? We will teach you how to get curly hair for black men today. This approach is rather high-maintenance and might take some time at first. The straw method is a popular way of getting the frizzy hair under control. It can work with both short and long hair. Men who struggle with unruly and frizzy locks can appreciate this option. Learn How to Make Yarn Dreads.

Curly Hairstyles for Black Men : How To Make Natural Hair Curly

Afro hair has a reputation for being unwilling to cooperate: more often than not it seems determined to do the exact opposite of what its owner wants. The key to keeping afro hair in check is being a good listener, because like with any other hair type it has its own unique quirks which you need to work with, not against. In the late eighties and early nineties, the flat top went viral, sending sales of spirit levels and hair clippers soaring probably. Though the flat top has waned in popularity since its heyday, the cut can easily be tweaked to make it relevant for the modern man.

Black people often talk about good hair and bad hair. I assumed that you had to use complicated techniques to get curly hair for black men.

Would you like to know a trick to win the styling and beauty game? Accentuate a feature that nature gave you. As soon as you learn how to style it properly, it will solve two of your problems.

55 Awesome Hairstyles for Black Men (+Video)

There are many versatile haircuts for black men to create all kinds of looks. From looking your best in business meetings to a party, you must choose a cut that you are comfortable with. Of course, once you decide upon a cut, ask your stylist as to how much daily maintenance it will require.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: A Guide To Curly Hair For African American Men

Asymmetric and creative haircuts can highlight the curly texture of the hair with the right hairstyle and an easy to follow haircut tips. Here are 20 black men curly hair styles that could help you choose the ones that can be the best suited ones for you. Blessed by nature are those having natural curls, as they have an advantage of flaunting a range of hairstyles that are awesome, cool and amazing. Otherwise, you can choose to make natural hair curly by the different ways that could help you to turn your straight hair into curls. There are many ways by which you can create curls on your naturally straight hair, like using curlers, rag-rolling method, using bobby pins, or using buns and braids.

8 Haircuts For Black Men That Will Never Go Out Of Style

There are so many options for these fresh styles from close cropped waves to natural twists to geometric flat tops with retro flair. Most of these styles are a combination of texture on top, a line up and taper fade. Create your own unique style by choosing length on top, type of curls and the placement of the fade. From a short buzz to long curls and everything in between, here are 22 cool haircuts for black men. Step the Barber.

Nov 22, - You can learn how to make black male hair curly with some simple tricks and products. So, stop cutting your hair short and take a look at these.

You often win twice when you accentuate something that is given to you by nature. Natural coils will stop causing you inconveniences and looking awkward as soon as you learn how to present them in the best light. That involves the choice of the right haircut and a couple of effortless styling tips. Here is a bunch of ideas for African American curly hairstyles.

Best Haircuts For Black Men


22 Haircuts for Black Men




45 Curly Hairstyles for Black Men to Showcase That Afro



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