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Do guys look good with ear piercings

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These are just a few of modern ear piercings styles worn by men. Ear piercings among men began to become popular through the hippies community and sailors as well. Men have sported this look for decades. Your basic concerns with earrings are keeping the piercings healthy, the jewelry clean, and the holes open if you have to go without visible piercings for a while. The biggest health concerns for piercings occur immediately after the piercing was made.


Men & Pierced Ears: Sexy or Not?

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From the deep recesses of history books comes a practice that, while typically associated with women, has become an increasing popular trend amongst males — ear piercings for men. In recent years, however, ear piercings for men have become more mainstream, especially in pop culture and amongst the young.

Looking to get your ears pierced, but unsure what the process entails? The growing popularity of ear piercings for men has contributed to the rising number of parlors and centers that cater to just that.

Not only are their procedures safe, these centers or at least most of them also sell some of the coolest men earrings around. Before getting your ears pierced, it is of utmost importance to choose a center that practices safe ear piercing for men. Here are some things to take into consideration:. Apart from being the most popular type of ear piercing, the lobe piercing also comes with the lowest risk of injury.

A piece of advice though: tragus piercings can be quite painful. Also, as the tragus is constantly exposed to dirt, the risk of infection is quite high. Have this done by a professional and ensure that adequate aftercare is given. This one here is a little less intimidating than its tragus counterpart as it is done on the inner cartilage. There is less pain involved and the healing process is also shorter at just weeks.

Like the tragus piercing, take size into consideration when choosing this type of ear piercing: big earrings are a no-go, while ideal choices include studs or ball closure rings. Agreed upon by most ear-piercing artists as one of the hardest yet most popular designs, the rook piercing involves perforation of the cartilage of your ear. Take note, though, that having a cartilage fold is ideal for this; without it, the rook piercing would be difficult to execute. Although painful, the rook piercing will give you a rugged, masculine look.

Try this with a hook with balls. Small loops can also be used for this type. A Daith piercing essentially refers to a perforation on the inner cartilage of the ear. It is considered to be the most difficult and painful ear piercing of its kind. If done properly, though, the Daith piercing can be much cooler than other types of piercings see above image. Rings are popular for Daith piercings. Take note, however, that the hole can easily close once the ring is removed: make sure you wear your ear rings often!

From the pain involved to the healing time required, the industrial piercing otherwise known as Scaffold piercing is not for the weak of heart. Due to the potential complications involved, it is also the kind that requires extra care post-piercing. An industrial piercing involves making two holes on the ear cartilage. These two holes are arranged to face each other. A long male earring connects these two opposing holes, building the connection between the two punctures.

As the piercing can take up to a few months to heal, patience and diligence in caring for your ears are required. Although painful, the Helix piercing is considered to be one of the most stylish options of its kind. The helix piercing is done more with a sterile needle, and healing takes as much time as the lobe piercing does. In the helix piercing, the puncture is done on the upper cartilage of the ear.

Depending on your preferences, you can have more than one such hole pierced. For this type of ear piercing for men, the earrings you can use may include little hoops. You can also use studs, a bar, or even a cuff for that punk rock look.

Yet another helix piercing is the forward helix piercing. This type of ear piercing for men is as popular as the earlobe piercing. This is because whatever male earring you use, it is easily noticeable. Talk about a subtle show of your piercing!

The forward helix piercing is unique in that you can have double or even triple piercings for your earrings. For the forward helix piercing, earrings for men you can wear are studs and simple rings. The conch is considered as the largest part of the ear. This part of the ear can be pierced two ways — the outer conch or the inner conch.

Piercing the outer conch involves a puncturation of the lower part. The outer conch pierce, on the other hand, involves a puncturation of the upper part. The pain you experience in conch piercing may depend on the size of the hole. It may increase depending on the jewelry that is being used.

Care should involve regular quick cleaning. Neglecting to regularly clean can result in a longer healing time overall. Only a handful of men can do away with this kind of piercing. If you are one of them, use studs or horseshow circular barbells.

Rings would also look cool on the conch. A snug piercing is also known as an anti-helix piercing. The reason for this is that the snug piercing involves a puncture at the inner part of the rim, which is the part just adjacent to the helix.

In its simplest sense, an orbital piercing refers to two punctures that are connected by jewelry. The most common ear part for the orbital piercing is in the helix areas.

The earlobes and the outer rim of the ear may also be pierced. This is perhaps the most versatile of all ear piercings for men. This is because you can always experiment with the part of the ear that you would like to perforate.

Smooth rings with two balls or ball enclosures are the most common earrings for men used for the orbital piercing. This next entry is best known as tunnels.

This is done is by piercing a size that is stretched by a couple or so of millimeters: the process is a gradual one, done until the hole is at its desired size.

The auricle is that part of your ear that lies between the helix and the lobe. This is the part that is just visible outside of the head.

And yes, it can also be pierced for a fancy look. Auricle piercing has been gaining popularity as of late. It is becoming an ideal part of the ear where fancy rings look best.

The upper lobe piercing is the piercing style for men that call for small and intricate piercing. Some men can fit up to two or three piercings between the upper and lower lobes. Now, this here is perhaps one of the coolest ear piercings for men. The transverse lobe piercing requires for it to be done the long way.

Instead of piercing from the back to the front, the earring just goes straight inside the lobe. The transverse lobe earring requires a little bit more in terms of the length. In contrast, the lobe piercing requires shorter, smaller earrings for men. What happens is you have to have that earring transverse the sagittal or the vertical plane of your lobe.

If a piercing gets infected, one of the most common things we do is to remove the jewelry — we do not recommend doing this. Remember that if your jewelry is removed, the piercing will close itself. The outer part of your ear may heal on its own but whatever infection inside remains there. Ear piercings for men have always been a growing trend. Marco is a writer for Maxim Online. He's one of the quieter members on the team, which is why he lets his voice be heard through his writing.

He's always open to taking on new topics and isn't afraid to step out of his comfort zone. Photo by Ric Rodrigues from Pexels. Photo from Pexel. Photo from thelifehype. Photo by Michael Martin Jr. Photo from pierceaholic. Photo from piercee. Photo from piercingmania. Photo from user sharbai from Reddit. Photo from etsy. Photo from justpiercings. Topics: Accessories. Related Articles Accessories.

Should a Guy Get His Ears Pierced?

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Look no further; here are the top 5 piercings that will look great on any guy. Whether you choose to get one or both sides done, the earlobe is always a safe bet for guys. Your jewelry choice can change up just how the piercing will look on you, but rest assured, an ear piercing is the way to go if you have any doubts at all.

From the deep recesses of history books comes a practice that, while typically associated with women, has become an increasing popular trend amongst males — ear piercings for men. In recent years, however, ear piercings for men have become more mainstream, especially in pop culture and amongst the young.

Ear piercing is a tradition as well as a fashion which has been followed since ages and is still in practice. But, nowadays men also do it just like they used to do it a long time back. There are numerous parlours and piercing centres for men, which are rampantly growing thanks to the craze for amongst men and boys. Not only do these centres provide piercing services, but they also sell some amazing accessories for men. In this article, we have curated some latest and best ear-piercing ideas and benefits for men and also the jewellery that can be experimented with.

What do women think about men wearing earrings

Everything you need to know to get your ears pierced — from types of earrings to the piercing process and all the other stuff in between. The one who had a little too much to drink at the summer music festival and woke up with a piercing… and maybe a tattoo. One of the most important steps in the piercing process is the research you do before meeting the needle. Also, ask what their jewelry is made from. All piercing jewelry should be made of surgical stainless steel, titanium, 14k gold, PMFK Bioplast a type of medical grade plastic or natural wood or stone for stretched ears. If equipment is not new or properly sterilised, or if proper hygienic guidelines are not followed, blood-borne diseases , like hepatitis B and C, may be transmitted. Ask yourself the following questions before scheduling an appointment.

The 5 Piercings That Look Great on Any Guy

Sure, certain types of guys tend to get their ears pierced to fit in with a certain crowd e. Being attractive to women has a lot more to do with how you think, behave and act around women than what you look like. Most women are much more attracted to how your personality makes them feel, rather than whether or not you have a piece of metal in your ear. Many guys mistakenly assume that women are only attracted to men because of what they look like or what they wear. The majority of women are much more interested and attracted to how your personality makes them feel, rather than all the superficial things about how you look.

Whether you like it or not.

We all have a friend who got drunk and woke up with a nipple piercing. Laugh, yes. Because getting pierced is kind of funny.

Ear Piercing Guide for Men

Yes, that's right, we've said it: it's time to get a bit more bejewelled now we've entered the Roaring Twenties. Here, David Levesley flags some of street style's tightest traguses. I regret to inform you, reader, that your earlobes are looking a little bit subpar. Is it because you see it — God forbid — as feminine?

January 17, 32 Comments. What do women think about the guys who like wearing earrings? Like everything else it's a matter of taste or tolerance? The reviews are very diverse, they are of all kinds. The reviews depend on culture, education and the environment of course.

A Guide to Male Piercings

Discussion in ' Miscellaneous ' started by Yeoman Randi , Jul 3, Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Joined: Jun 22, Location: In a handbasket. Recently had a discussion with a friend regarding men with pierced ears. I think men with either one ear pierced or both is incredibly sexy.

Dec 3, - Look no further; here are the top 5 piercings that will look great on any Guys all over have their ears pierced and at all ages – this one is Don't let that stand in the way of getting a rad piercing if that's what you want to do.

Understanding a few guidelines will have you ready for that first piercing in no time. The most important factor to remember is that an earring or two must complement your look and not steal the focus. Or does it? Take note of where you work and consider: Will my choice to wear an earring help me or hurt me?

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