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Lucas like both girls but realized he felt more for Maya after their little debacle at the camp fire. Lucas realized he has always felt for Maya and never really for Riley the way he thought he did; he was pushed to like Riley. The Texas trip did not end after the camp fire, the group stayed 2 more days where they went on adventures to Lucas's and Zay's favorite places. If you had gotten hurt on that bull I don't know what I would've done with myself. Time passed and Maya eventually left Lucas alone and went back to Pappy Joe's. Being all alone in such a quiet place would allow Lucas to just sit and think about all that he now knows.


Lucas, Zay and Farkle

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I'm trying to get it done before the episode actually airs. I know I should be updating Lucas and baseball but I'm having block issues with that story right now. Corey stands at the front of the class after he has written Belgium on the blackboard. Farkle has been waiting for this moment for 2 years. Just and Mr. Matthews is about to speak, a tall man wearing a cowboy hat bursts in the door. Maya starts laughing as she realizes that this man must be talking about none other than the huckleberry sitting behind her.

I thought I'd come on up here and pick ya up myself! Lucas turned to look at Zay who happened to be the only person who knew about his bull riding days.

Although I did mention to Riley and Maya that you were pretty awesome back in the day. Lucas looks towards Riley and Maya who are now standing next to each other in front of him. He can't help but smile at Riley's big girlish grin. He looked towards Maya who seemed lately to have a different look in her eye than she usually did. Her eyes were stormy yet hopeful. As if she wanted something she couldn't have and didn't want to admit that she wanted it.

Riley handed Lucas the flyer for the rodeo. It was a small town rodeo, held in the Lucas' home town arena. It had the cowboys listed next to the bulls they were going to ride. They never really thought they would get the chance again. Lucas felt guilty hearing his dad say what he said. He had wanted to come live with his mom but still thought he could go down on the weekends. His dad didn't have a lot of money to fly him home all the time and Lucas had all but stopped going home.

At first it was because of his dad but lately it had been Lucas' choice not to go down. He had made such great friends here in New York and Zay had come to live here as well. Lucas' dad looked at him hopefully. The whole gang is taken to Texas by Lucas' dad. Upon arriving, Riley and Maya realize they need to look the part if they're going to be in Texas. They go to some nearby stores to get cowgirled up. They come back to Lucas' house and Riley is telling Maya she looks adorable.

Maya doesn't believe her so Riley asks Lucas to tell her she looks good as a cowgirl. She's been having conflicting feelings ever since she pretended to be Riley and assimilated her feelings for Lucas to be like those of a brother. Farkle has also found what he deems to be cowboy appropriate but Lucas' dad immediately takes it from him and calls his hat a tea-cup. The next morning, Lucas decides to go to the arena to see Tombstone for himself. Tombstone is known to be one of the meanest bulls in Texas.

Even though Lucas has had a lot of experience riding, he thought those days were behind him. He's pretty certain that Tombstone is going to throw him and possibly trample all over him. Maya wanders down to where Lucas is and explains to Lucas that Riley and Farkle are still asleep and that the sun was shining in her window so bright she couldn't sleep.

But I got thrown a couple times and had a few close calls. Tombstone has a reputation for showing no mercy. It's scary.

I know you put on a tough exterior, but haven't you ever been put in a situation where you were scared of something? Maya thinks about the feelings she may have realized that Riley had.

And she thinks about the things she's been feeling about Lucas since then. Maya loves Riley and would never do anything to hurt her, but if Riley only loved Lucas as a brother, that would make him available to someone else.

Maya starts fighting back until they fall to the ground. Maya lands on top of Lucas and in a moment of thoughtlessness, she leans down and kisses him. Maya spends the day avoiding Lucas and Riley until Riley pulls her outside. Riley can tell something is wrong with Maya. You know that you can tell me anything. Sisters should tell each other their secrets, don't you think? His parents have never let him eat it.

After one bite, he's hooked. After dinner, the gang heads down to the local hoe-down where Maddie and Tae are performing for one night only. Lucas teaches Riley how to two-step while Maya is having a hard time forgetting what happened between her and Lucas that morning. She keeps glancing at Lucas who is glancing back at her.

After the dancing, they meet back at Lucas' house where they sit around the campfire. Farkle announces he is so tired from all the food that he wants to head to bed. The girls get up and start to head in the house as well and Lucas says he will sit out and put out the fire. Maya tells Riley she will be in in just a few minutes because she wants to take in all the stars.

Maya has always loved the night sky and in Texas, you can actually see the stars. It's not even a big deal. It was a momentary lapse in sanity and nothing like that will ever happen again.

The next day is the day that Lucas is to ride Tombstone. He's pacing around the pen and snorting. Riley looks at the bull and at Lucas.

As the rodeo begins, Riley, Maya, Farkle, and Zay all find a place to watch from the fence. They get Tombstone in the shoot and Lucas gets in position on top. Time seems to slow down and the gate is opened and Tombstone twists out of the shoot. Lucas holds on for Tombstone flips a different way than Lucas was expecting and Lucas flies off of him.

The bull fighters manage to get Tombstone away from Lucas and back into the corral. Lucas is on the ground not moving. Riley is the first to jump off the fence and run towards him. Maya isn't far behind. Lucas sits up and looks toward Maya first. Riley doesn't miss the way Maya is looking at Lucas, or the way Lucas seems to be looking at her. Back in New York, the gang has come back and as they are in the hallway waiting for class to start, Lucas walks up to Riley who has an unhappy look on her face.

Riley has been unsettled ever since they went to Texas. Lucas says hello, but not in his usual way. He seems to have a look of guilt about him. As they file in to class and get settled in their seats, Maya can't take it anymore. She looks at Riley and says, "Riley, something happened between me and Lucas. Corey interrupts the conversation by beginning his lesson for the day. Riley can't believe what Maya just said. What could have possibly happened that has everyone so shook up?

Farkle passes a note to Riley from the back of the room. The note starts off by saying, 'I know you think you like him, but you're not the only one.

You should let Lucas decides what he wants. Story Story Writer Forum Community. What are you doing here? What bull riding competition? Lucas - Tombstone "You signed me up to ride Tombstone the bull? I thought you loved this stuff? You want to talk about it? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Maya walks out in the field and soon she can hear footsteps behind her.

What are you doing? You've got quite a view down here, Huckleberry.


So this is my first fic. I hope you like it and I'm sorry if there are mistakes, english isn't my first language. This is what I'd love to see happening in Girl meets Texas according to the promo. One day, it had just been one day since they had arrived at Texas, but Lucas felt like it had been a week.

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Summary-What if Topanga got the London offer when Riley was in her senior year of high school, and they did go to London, Riley had no idea she was pregnant with Lucas's baby.. Now three years later she's back in New York with her daughter named Penelope Penny , the daughters that Lucas has no clue about what happens when he finds out they're his. She was pregnant with Lucas Friar's baby, when she told her parents they were extremely angry and disappointed especially Topanga, she became distant to Riley and barley talked to her daughter. Riley has spent the last two and a half years raising her daughter alone, with some help of her father and younger brother Auggie who loved being an Uncle, but after being away for three years a now 19 year old Riley and her daughter are returning too New York, How's Lucas going to react to being a father.

Do you know your Girl meets World stuff

They shared their chinese food like old times and she was drinking wine, a lot of it. The pair were reminscing, going over everything that'd happened in college. So, since the front door was blocked, I ran into the backyard and hopped the fence. I actually still have a scar from the piece of metal that I guess had broken off. Lucas chuckled again and started rubbing her feet, she hadn't had that done to her in years. What crazy things did you do in college? Let's put you in the hot seat.

Girl meets world fanfiction maya and lucas dating

Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project: The episode is centred around Maya and whether or not she can learn to forgive her father. Girl Meets Sludge: Lucas and Maya are paired up for a school project. Name one private joke they share? Name one nickname they call each other?

The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which her father Cory Matthews is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence.

BUT this one is different. My other story was based in the first Girl meets Texas promo but this one is based in the second girl meet texas promo and unlike my first story my intention is to keep updating the story as the show goes. I mean that I want this story to go, as the title says, from Girl meets Texas to Girl meets Graduation and I'll mix what I want to see happening with the spoiler and the rumours we already have. Just remember this is totally fictional, i don't know what's going to happen in Girl meets Texas this is what I'd like to happen based on the promos and the rumours.

This is a new story and it's set in Girl Meets Texas. It's mainly Riarkle, but there's a little something for everyone. Once the clips were finished, she turned to the cowboy and narrowed her eyes, tears threatening to fall.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World - Lucas' 'Personal' Phone Call (1x14)

Images are playing on the screen in front of them. It is cool in the tent, the air conditioning is on full blast and it's busy, but it's not packed full. However it doesn't cool Maya's temper. Lucas scoffs. He's dressed and ready and has been regretting every decision in his life leading up to this moment.

I'm trying to get it done before the episode actually airs. I know I should be updating Lucas and baseball but I'm having block issues with that story right now. Corey stands at the front of the class after he has written Belgium on the blackboard. Farkle has been waiting for this moment for 2 years. Just and Mr. Matthews is about to speak, a tall man wearing a cowboy hat bursts in the door. Maya starts laughing as she realizes that this man must be talking about none other than the huckleberry sitting behind her. I thought I'd come on up here and pick ya up myself!

Oct 11, - This is a story of what I'd like to see hapenning in Girl meets Texas and Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Friendship - [Lucas F., Maya H.].

I'm back with a new chapter for you guys and I am kind of even more excited about this one than about the last one! Okay, so I am away from in two hours on until monday night. There will be no updates at any stories from me at that time.

Please leave empty:. He is Riley's boyfriend. He isn't on the show.

This story is so shamelessly inspired by 'The Art of Seduction' by tiramisuspice. Seriously, I love her stories. Guess what happens? Okay, so I'm British and I know nothing about Texas so this chapter was extremely weird to write — sorry if I got some details wrong!

Maya closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.




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