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Girlfriend funny status for whatsapp

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Love Status for Girlfriend : Make your girlfriend feel the luckiest lover in the world and fill her heart with boundless joy. You can increase her happiness in double by posting love status for girlfriend on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or where you both are connected with each other. So, never feel low to take care of your girlfriend and say I love you at least thrice a day. Just pick up the cutest status for your girlfriend and send it to bring a lovely smile on her face. I love you because you encourage it.


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Love status in Hindi for girlfriend 2020

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When you are not in a relationship, you can almost always find fun and joy while flirting with him or her. Some find their soul mates through flirting because it could warm the heart and make one feel wanted and beautiful. Here are some of the best flirting quotes that anyone would want to hear or even set as Whatsapp flirty status. I want you to be my nothing because they say that only nothing could last forever. The relationship that we have is one of flirtationship: we flirt but we both know there is nothing to it.

If there is someone created that is prettier than you, then God must have hid her for Himself. Sponsored Links. All kinds of people made me believe in all kinds of things, but it is you who made me believe in love at first sight.

I always catch you looking at me, and I love the way you blush as you turn away, smiling. I do not want to play hide and seek with you because you are a girl who is hard to find. You are the only person who can join me in my weirdness, and for that I like you.

I am confused under the avalanche of feelings that I have for you, but I am sure that I really like it when you are with me. I would trade coffee for you, that is how much I like you, and that should say a lot. Check out these awesome flirty status for Whatsapp that will get you some attraction. Use flirty quotes on Facebook also to get lots of like. I always pray that you like me too, because whenever I see you I could feel that my body starts to fumble and I could nearly stumble.

I caught a certain disease which caused me to like you, and I hope that it is contagious so you would like me too. I have seen my photos and I think there is something missing in them. A spark called you. I always go over the moon whenever I see you. This just shows that astronauts are not the only ones who could go to the moon. Let us spend more time together because I believe that God made a purpose for us to meet, and I want to discover it with you.

Sometimes, life would be easier if it is like Facebook, where I only have to click like to show you that I like you. I am always having a date with you in my dreams, so I would like to go to bed now. You are really sneaky, because you just first came into our school, then into our classroom, and now into my heart. When I realized that I like you, I started daydreaming about you. By now, I think I am getting a doctorate in daydreaming because I do it as often as I could.

My life was complicated and I had many problems. But when you came into my life, it all came crashing down on me. Do something about it please? I love One Direction, but I would give up a date with them just to have one with you.

At first, I thought that I am sick because I have sweaty palms and twitchy fingers. And then I found out that it is all because of you. If you just let me borrow one kiss from you, I can promise that I would give it back. The sea may contain all kinds of fishes but for me there is only one Nemo and that is you. I was infected with a new disease called love, and I believe that I got it from you. The moment that I could find another you would also be the moment that I have finished counting the grains of sand on the beach.

I have not been able to take you out of my mind ever since I met you. Maybe it is because the mind always knows what the heart is thinking about. Nothing enters my mind after you have occupied it. I could think about nothing but everything about you. We may have different yesterdays and would have different tomorrows, but the most important thing is we are together on this same day.

Nothing could ever keep me up and awake than thoughts of you. However, once I fall asleep and dream of you, I never want to wake up as well. You and thoughts of you keep me alive. The sweetest thing I have ever tasted is your love, the headiest substance I have tried is your kiss, and you have made me warmer than fire can. There are only three words that could equate to the entirety of my life, and that is I love you. Whenever you say my name, my heart almost skips its beat.

Flirting with her is like butterfly in my stomach! What I feel for her could never be summed up in a poem; I will have to make a novel out of it. There was once an angel on top of our tree but now it is lost. Could you replace it? I know now what you are made of because your tag is showing and it says made in heaven. I wrote you on my Christmas wish list, so do not be surprised if Santa comes and outs you inside his bag.

I love him is only words for me because his heart and mine heart are one and the same. One day you will wake up in a red room with no windows; do not worry, you are just inside my heart. Try standing in front of the mirror with 11 roses, then you will see twelve of the most beautiful things that exist in this world. I really want to rearrange the letters on the alphabet so that U and I are next to each other. I have a serious problem of not being able to stop thinking about you the moment that I met you.

I am confused whether the sun is out or you are just smiling your dazzling smile at me. I have the best date idea on my mind: I and my lips would love to meet you and your lips tonight. StatusSayings is website dedicated for sharing great quotes, sayings and status that can be used for setting as WhatsApp status or Facebook status. Sharing is caring! About StatusSayings. We, along with carefully selected 3rd parties, use cookies on this site to improve performance, to analyze traffic, and to serve content and ads that may interest you personalized advertising.

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150+ Love Status for Girlfriend – Best, Sweet & Romantic

It is the best social media for communicating, sharing pictures, for video calls and what not. In this article, I will share some amazing romantic love status for Whatsapp for your loved ones. It is always bit easier to share your feelings for someone on messages. Nowadays Whatsapp provides you the facility to write status on your status. It is best to express your thoughts, feelings and many more things on Whatsapp.

When it comes to getting a quick message to nearly anyone in the world, modern techno-users have plenty of options. WhatsApp has built a huge user community, largely due to its incredibly simple interface, and it allows free voice and text communication between individuals all around the world without raising your phone bill.

Are you looking for a romantic WhatsApp status? How about looking for the best love texts to send your girlfriend or boyfriend? Sometimes and naturally, finding the right words or sentences to express how we truly feel can be a little difficult. Keep reading to discover our list of over romantic messages for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

101 Ideas for a Funny WhatsApp Status – Short and Unique

The best attitude statuses are the best way to show your strength to the world. Attitude is the reflection of your personality. In fact, it is much like a billboard of your personality. So show your intelligence through Whatsapp statuses on attitude in English and let others guess about your endeavours. Attitude plays a significant role in your life. It shows your way of thinking and helps you move forward in life. Having a good attitude is necessary if you expect positive upshots in life. But at times you must have a savage kind of attitude to deal with the haters. Not everyone around you becomes happy with your success.

Romantic Love Status for Whatsapp (100 Cute Love Quotes for him/her)

When you are not in a relationship, you can almost always find fun and joy while flirting with him or her. Some find their soul mates through flirting because it could warm the heart and make one feel wanted and beautiful. Here are some of the best flirting quotes that anyone would want to hear or even set as Whatsapp flirty status. I want you to be my nothing because they say that only nothing could last forever.

Then you are at right place.

In nowadays, WhatsApp becomes an incredible online life to interface with others and trade thoughts by refreshing status with some cool and remarkable ways. WhatsApp clients frequently utilise cool WhatsApp Status Ideas to make fun with companions and demonstrate their stunning shrewd characteristics of mentality what make others beguile. Likewise, in this post, we consolidated such sort of WhatsApp status thoughts that are cool, entertaining, dubious and stunning, which you may use to refresh your WhatsApp status arbitrarily by your decision. How about we make around to get the best thought for restoring your WhatsApp status with these most recent short, smart messages.

[299+] New Attitude Status In English for Whatsapp

WhatsApp Status are an awesome and coolest way to share what you are going through to your best buddies in whatsapp. I know most of you must be confused about what status you want to put, sometimes you want to impress your girl friend or friends, sometimes your parents or any other special person on planet. So here I have listed out the best out of the lot whatsapp status updates with funny, cool, attitude, romance and many more factors attached to it.

Totally all about stuff for Valentine day. Hope you like it. Today is the last day of the festival of love, i. Those who have missed expressing their love on Propose Day , They will express their love today. Valentine Day Wish Your Name. Life is short indeed.



Feb 1, - On this here Valentine Day Status in Hindi and English, Valentine Day Wishes for Girlfriend / Boyfriend, Valentine Day Funny Jokes in wife, girlfriend / boyfriend, you will want WhatsApp, Facebook Status.


120 Best WhatsApp Status Quotes for You


Cool WhatsApp Status Ideas






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