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How to get my girlfriend back long distance

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No contact with an ex romantic partner is an effective way to allow that person to truly experience the negative consequences of the breakup and it generally affects those in long distance relationships in similar ways. Refraining from contacting your ex often results in them reaching out to you during that time. It is recommended that you watch the video above all the way through and then read the accompanying content below in order to retain and reinforce this knowledge so that you have the best chance possible of getting your ex back. The content below is not a transcript and is a different presentation of the content from the video. People often ask on a coaching call with Lee if they should use no contact for the breakup of their long distance relationship and how to fix a long distance relationship breakup.

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6 Ways on How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back in Long Distance Relationship

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By Chris Seiter. In other words, I have made a mistake in not writing this sooner. A lot of the men visiting this site have been struggling for a long time. In other words, I am going to make this the most helpful guide on LDR long distance relationship ex girlfriends in existence.

Now, you may be kind of creeped out that I actually remember the dates of my long distance relationship but I assure you there is a reason I remember it. The woman that I was in a long distance relationship with for that time turned out to be my wife…. Anyways, my point in telling you this is that I know a thing or two about what it takes to make an LDR work because I have been there in the trenches.

What are your chances of getting your ex back? No matter how difficult your situation may be, you may still have a chance. Find Out Now. You see, out of all the situations I have seen when it comes to relationships an LDR by far has the most hurdles to overcome and it takes not one but two special people to work together to overcome them. Yes, that means that in order to make this entire thing work your ex girlfriend has to be as intense as you about the two of you ending up together but more on that later.

The obvious hurdle in the way is the distance but I am looking for something a little deeper than that. In all my years doing this I have never once heard of a situation in which a couple stays together forever in a LDR. Ok, imagine that you and your ex girlfriend are still dating and are still in a long distance relationship.

Everything is going great and both of you decide that you want to get married. Obviously you are here because your long distance relationship ended in a breakup and you would have much rather of had it end the second more pleasant way.

And if you have read this far down the page that tells me that you had a long distance relationship that was unsuccessful and you are trying to get it back.

This means that your LDR ended in the first way, with a breakup. What we have here when we compare your LDR to mine are two long distance relationships that both ended but ended in very different ways.

What probably separated my experience from yours was the fact that I went into my LDR with a plan. In fact, we despised them so much that we formulated a plan to get rid of the distance as soon as possible. You are obviously here because you and your ex girlfriend broke up and you want to learn how to get her back. Lets say that you are still dating your ex girlfriend and are still in a long distance relationship with her.

You are obviously missing her a lot and upon hearing that some other man is enjoying her company you immediately think a few things,.

Now, a little jealousy here and there is ok but really what matters is how you handle the jealousy. There are really two ways to approach this situation. And basically alienate your girlfriend causing the two of you to have more than just distance on your mind. Your girlfriend is really struggling without you and having just a friendly lunch with an old friend makes her feel a little bit better about everything. Above I said that if you want your long distance relationship to work you need to formulate a plan in which the two of you will end up together permanently.

Assuming you have done that then that means you are going to have to be patient until the time comes for that plan to come to fruition. Well, when I think back to that time the thing I remember most about it was the loneliness and the impatience I felt. My then girlfriend and I had worked out a deal where we would see each other once every single month until we moved in together.

Well, I can remember very clearly that all I would have to look forward to were those little meet ups once a month. There are two things that you need to have in order to realistically have a shot of making a long distance relationship work. I have some bad news for the younger high school readers here who are in a long distance relationship. On average you should probably be seeing your significant other at least once a month.

If your significant other has moved a couple of states away then that means in order to see her your designated one time a month you have two options,. Driving to see her might prove to be a costly endeavor when you include gas. But that is not whats really going to kill you financially in the end.

Really for a LDR to work out you have to find a more permanent solution and that usually requires someone to move to the other person. Lets say that you and your girlfriend talk it over and the both of you decide that you should be the one to move to her. In case you have forgotten scenario two consists of both you and your girlfriend being around 30 years old, in a long distance relationship and you both have established jobs but not a lot of time.

If you have a well paying job then you probably have to work a lot of hours I am from the U. Above I established that if you are in a long distance relationship then you should at least be seeing your significant other once a month. Well, if you work a lot then you are going to have to dip into your vacation days in order to make this possible but then you get into the fact that you only have a certain amount of vacation days to dip into.

The obvious work around is to find a permanent solution where both of you can see each other every day but then you are faced with another problem.

Now that we have that out of the way lets take a look at some of the other challenges with long distance relationships. Pretty soon one thing leads to another and she is drunk and making out with some random dude.

You will find that thoughts like this constantly creep in when you are in a long distance relationship. In fact, so many people have this problem in long distance relationships that entire breakups occur just because someone was paranoid. Getting a long distance ex girlfriend back is not an easy task. In fact, I would say that most of the men who attempt this task end up failing at it.

So, my goal for this guide is to come up with a plan that you can follow to increase your chances for success.

Below I have created a graphic for you outlining what I consider to be the best way to increase your chances of getting your LDR girlfriend back. Like always, I am going to be covering each of the seven steps outlined in the game plan above in a very in-depth manner so if anything is confusing to you right now try not to jump off the ship yet.

Well, if you really want to increase your chances of getting your long distance relationship love life back on track then its a really good idea for you to determine if you even have a realistic shot of winning your ex back.

Lets say that you are a high school kid who is 18 years old and your girlfriend just moved a few states away. Lets make another assumption and say that you do manage to win your ex girlfriend back by following steps two to seven from the game plan above and the game plan above has been tested and proven to work. Well, you are still young and it could be years before either you or your girlfriend could move to each other. I know you are hurting right now as a result of this breakup but you know the only thing that will hurt more than the feeling you are feeling now.

Doing all the work I outline above, getting your girlfriend back and then having her break up with you again. Of course, what do you do if you determine that not only can you get your ex girlfriend back but you can keep her when you have her back? If you really believe that you can get her back and find a permanent solution where you can kill the distance then you have my blessing to move forward with the game plan above.

Seriously though, I really want you to be sure about this because once you get started on this game plan it is going to take dedication on your part and you are going to have to answer a lot of hard questions and overcome a lot of hard obstacles. I have written about it here and here. Heck, my E-Book even talks about how to properly utilize it. But there always seems to be a common question that I get when it comes to the no contact rule and long distance relationships,.

Heck, I even think an argument can be made that no contact is even more effective in long distance relationship. In other words, your main form of communication is probably through,. So, that means that you and your girlfriend were both constantly checking your phones to see if the other responded to a message, Skype call or phone call yet.

For an in depth explanation go here. The No Contact Rule- A designated period of time where you completely ignore your ex in every form imaginable.

Well, when you do use the no contact rule on an ex girlfriend who you had a long distance relationship with then the chances that she will be constantly checking her phone waiting for a response from you is actually pretty high.

Most men make the mistake of believing that all they have to do to get their girlfriend back is make it through a period of no contact and their girlfriend will magically come running back. You have to go through a period of self improvement during no contact. So in other words, you have to actively work during no contact so you can maximize your chances of winning your girlfriend back. The Gatsby Method is an idea I came up with that describes what you are supposed to be doing during your period of no contact.

The idea is featured heavily in my E-Book,. I was answering comments here at Ex Girlfriend Recovery one day and there was a guy who said something along the lines of,.

We basically better ourselves and re-shape the perception of our girlfriends. During your no contact period away from your ex girlfriend it is your job to improve in every way imaginable as much as you can. The idea is that by the time you attempt to get your girlfriend back you are going to be a new man… a more attractive man in every way.

One of the most common questions I get from men who are using the no contact rule on their ex girlfriends is,. What if she loses feelings for me or moves on? It is a legitimate question to ask because it is not outside the realm of possibility that your ex girlfriend can move on during the no contact rule. Well, what I would recommend for those of you who are deathly afraid of your girlfriend moving on is to use indirect methods of reaching her.

No, rather there is a sneakier way to make sure that you stay on her mind throughout the no contact period. Through the use of social media, mutual friends and jealousy tactics you can ensure that you can stay on her mind. Imagine your ex girlfriend logs on to Facebook one day and out of curiosity stumbles across your profile.

When she goes to your profile she is filled with anger, sadness and a bit of regret as she notices that you are having the time of your life with her. Now, the question you are probably wondering is,. Please turn your attention to this article in which I teach you the proper way to use Facebook to improve your odds of getting her back. Well, in my experience your ex girlfriend is eventually going to ask a mutual friend how you are doing if you are doing the no contact rule.

When this does happen you want to make sure that he or she relays the information that you want your ex to know. If you are starting a fire and you know exactly how to tame it then a fire can have a lot of uses. For example, you can use it to keep warm, cook things and create beauty candles.

In this article I describe exactly how you need to use them. So, what exactly are you supposed to do when your no contact is over?

The Awkwardness of Rekindling a Relationship From Opposite Sides of the Country

You and your long-distance partner have broken up If you and your long-distance partner have broken up, things may seem fairly hopeless. You may be running out of ideas, and wondering if it's even going to be possible to win him or her back and remove that "ex" tag from their status.

Going through a breakup while in a long distance relationship can be very difficult to cope with; the distance that separates you from your ex either during the actual separation or in the days and weeks that follow can make it even more excruciating. No breakup is easy but the feeling of being physically far away from the person that you love and knowing that they are no longer yours can make some of the negative emotions even more intense.

Want to share yours? In a lot of ways, our breakup was pretty typical — just as mundane, and just as life-shattering as all the thousands of others that occurred that day around the world. The usual. Except for one thing: At the time of our split, he and I had, for almost two years, been exclusively long-distance.

The Complete Guide To Getting An Ex Boyfriend Back In A Long Distance Relationship

Are you making her feel neutral, like just a friend or are you making her feel attracted and turned on by you again? However, you need to make sure that you take advantage of whatever opportunity you have to make her feel attracted to you. That may be with a text message, it may be with a phone call, it may be with a video call or it may be with social media. I definitely recommend that you remain in contact with her, but since you and her have broken up, you need to ease up on the contact. You really need to limit the amount of time and effort that she has to put in to communicating with you. What you want is that when she does communicate with you and interact with you, that she feels a spark of attraction, of respect and love. No one is like me. You know, look at me. She needs to have hope for the future based on the fact that she now feels a lot of respect, attraction and love for you whenever she interacts with you. She starts to picture herself going out to dinner with you, going to the movies, going to the beach, kissing, having sex, hanging out and watching TV and so on.

How to Get Your Ex Back Long Distance

By Chris Seiter. Long distance relationships are hard. Getting an ex back who you had a long distance relationship is even harder. Today, I am going to tackle this very complex subject and give you a set of actionable steps you can take to drastically improve your chances of getting your relationship back.

I met this girl when I was 18 and she was

Has your girlfriend broken up with you? Not so long ago my girlfriend dumped me just the same. Amazingly though, a few months later, we were and are back together and engaged.

I can’t get over my long-distance ex-girlfriend

Some people tend to ask their ex girlfriend to go back with them after the break up. This is likely to happen because when they are entering a new condition where their ex is not around, they can see something better. They can see their mistakes, and realize many things that they can do so much better in their relationship. If you feel the same thing, here are some information I can give you about how to get your ex girlfriend back in long distance relationship.

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You only get a handful of chances. And if you are not prepared, you will screw it up. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back, you need to take this as a mission. Almost like a video game. If asking her to get back together is the final fight in this game, you need to level up and win a lot of mini fights before doing that.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back By LEVELING UP – Game Plan in 5 Stages (And 17 Missions)

By Chris Seiter. In other words, I have made a mistake in not writing this sooner. A lot of the men visiting this site have been struggling for a long time. In other words, I am going to make this the most helpful guide on LDR long distance relationship ex girlfriends in existence. Now, you may be kind of creeped out that I actually remember the dates of my long distance relationship but I assure you there is a reason I remember it.

If you're dealing with a long distance ex back situation, it is more If you are serious about getting your ex Jul 13, - Uploaded by Dan Bacon.


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How to get back with your ex following a long distance relationship



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