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This girl will often go unnoticed, but little do you know, she has the potential to be the most fun. Guys keep your eyes open for this little firecracker. She will be casually sitting with her friends on the outskirts of the dance floor, or just outside where all the action is. Finally a drunken dude will use her as a last resort at the end of the night. This guy is in for a big surprise and will have much to brag about the next day.

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In Defense of Meeting Women In Bars

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Recently we've been getting a lot of comments from guys asking how to pick up girls at bars and nightclubs. I've even had a few commenters on here asking if any of the material on Girls Chase works in nighttime venues. Well, that's funny to me, because almost everything I discuss on here was developed, tried, and tested first in bars and clubs. In fact, to this day, these remain my preferred venue type for picking up.

You won't find girlfriend-quality girls hanging out much in these places But if you want to pull off quick pickups and bring girls home within hours or minutes of meeting them If you're new to the nighttime scene, you might not realize yet that different kinds of bars and nightclubs attract different kinds of clientele, looking for different things.

Just as you can expect to find different patrons in search of different meals and different experiences in Mexican restaurants than you can in fine dining establishments than you can in fast food joints, so too does the world of nighttime venues offer a variety of flavors to suit all tastes. Understanding what these are best prepares you to be able to go out and start using these venues right now to find the kinds of women you most want.

Bars tend to not be as suited for pick up as other nighttime venues, as they're generally smaller, more brightly lit, and more "friendly" environments that are conducive to groups of friends going to hang out, have drinks, eat snacks, shoot the breeze, and dance. People generally prefer beer to liquor in bars. Of these three groups of bars, dive bars are the most reliable pickup locations, while neighborhood bars tend to be the worst. Here's a look at each. Neighborhood bars have a tendency to be all over the map, in terms of patrons and expectations.

You'll find some neighborhood bars stocked with retired military veterans; some that are biker hangouts; others that college kids stop by in droves to pre-game at prior to a night on the town. Some them will have all of these and more in a single venue. A neighborhood bar is identified by its large gang of regulars, many of whom know each other; its friendly and cordial atmosphere; and its acceptance of both groups of friends and solo visitors there to pound back some ale and shoot the breeze with bartender and bar-goer alike.

Generally speaking, these bars are not good pickup locations , with the exception perhaps of salsa bars on a salsa night. You won't find many attractive young women at these locations, and most of the ones you will find are deep into socializing with people they're already friends with.

Even at salsa bars, the most favorable of these toward pickup, most salsa classes are held in the early evening, and are more conducive to getting a phone number than they are to picking up girls. Of the three main categories of bar, dive bars are the easiest spots to pick up a girl at.

Why so? Mainly because dive bars:. Attract less image-conscious people thus, that new girl you've just met won't care as much what her friends think if she goes home with you. The downside depending on your tastes of a dive bar is that the women in attendance don't get all dressed up to the nines. The upside of this is that they don't expect the best, so you can still manage to pull from here even if you aren't on your A game.

Because women in dive bars tend to be less concerned with their friends' opinions, or to be bigger participants in modern Western "hook up culture," you'll typically find these venues the most reliable pickup spots. One other reason that dive bars make such good locations to meet women open to accompanying you home the same night: dive bars attract women more experienced in the bar scene, and the more experienced in the bar scene a girl is, the more open she tends to be to casual flings and rapid pickups.

As dating website OkCupid found in its famous analysis of website data " The Best Questions for a First Date ," the only correlation for women between the answer to any question and whether a girl said she'd have sex on the first date or not was for the question, "Do you like beer?

As beer is an acquired taste, and that it typically takes a fair amount of time at bars and parties to acquire it, and the more often a woman is in these situations, the more opportunities she's giving herself to hook up with men and the more likely she is to get comfortable with the idea, it only stands to reason that the more time she spends around beer at parties and bars , the more she likes its taste, and the more hook ups she has.

Thus, dive bars: home to female drinking pros Popular bars include:. In terms of pickup reliability, popular bars are somewhere above neighborhood bars, and below dive bars. Popular bars attract a more "mainstream" clientele; that is to say, not the older and mixed crowds of neighborhood bars, and not the "bar veterans" of dive bars, but rather your run-of-the-mill, ordinary folks out for some fun, drinking, partying, socializing, and dancing. The disadvantage of this is you get people less experienced with the bar scene , which means a lot of women with reservations about hooking up in front of their friends.

And, because people always come to popular bars with friends , and because they tend to have reservations about hooking up with strangers in front of those friends, this makes picking up in popular bars a lot more challenging than in dive bars. And you can sometimes pull - but usually that happens later at night, when everyone's somewhat drunk and a girl's friends are all over the place. You'll tend to find that the most fights happen at popular bars, too; just as popular bars attract immature women inexperienced with the bar scene, they also attract a lot of immature men who easily become drunk, sexually frustrated, and aggressive.

So long as you're ready to sidestep aggressors and calm things down after finding out a girl has a boyfriend only after he comes up and puts his hands on you, and you keep your wits about you, you'll be fine. Just remember that people tend to roll in big groups at popular bars, so tread a little lightly if you're there by yourself. These places can still be fun, and you can sometimes pick up from them, if you don't drink too much and you keep your head screwed on straight. While technically considered bars, I'm including lounges here as a separate category, mostly because they tend to attract very different crowds and have very different atmospheres than most bars.

Unlike bars, people don't come here to drink beer, or to party except in the case of some hotel bars ; rather, they're here to relax, sip a cocktail, and make conversation. Dress codes at lounges are more upscale; while you may be able to get away with t-shirts and loose-fitting jeans at most bars, in a lounge you'll want to have at least a button-down shirt on - if not a blazer or fashionable coat on top of it. And forget about anything that doesn't hug your frame; looking good is more important than feeling comfortable in a lounge.

For all the glamor of a hotel bar - imagine the mystique of meeting some beautiful woman staying at the hotel, all alone in the room paid for by her company, whiling away her night with a martini and a cigarette at the bar - they're actually surprisingly difficult to pick up at compared to the other lounge options. Partly, this is because there simply aren't a lot of lonely businesswoman travelers out there manning the bar at their hotels.

And partly, this is because the hotel bars that are popular - e. So, while you'll often see and hear of lots of "hot" girls in attendance at these, you'll also find them much harder to pull women home from than other lounges, despite the often larger numbers of women present.

Women in hotel bars tend to have their "shields" up, ready to deflect incoming male suitors on autopilot, no matter how stylish, attractive, or smooth those male suitors may be. That's because they aren't being dismissed because the woman has actually gotten to know them and thinks they aren't her type; it's rather because she's working off the assumption that every man who bothers to approach her here is "gaming" her, or a "playboy.

Best advice for picking up in hotel bars? Get there early , before the women present have switched into autopilot dismissal mode. You still stand a chance of meeting girls on a human-to-human basis at this point, rather than having to break out your A game just to say "hello" like you will later on in the night. Cocktail lounges are the dark, smoky places filled with stylish furniture, ambient music, and people interested in people.

Because they're so similar in clientele and behavior, I'm including wine bars in the "cocktail lounges" category here. Of the three main types of lounges, you stand the best odds of picking up girls here, at the cocktail lounge; better than hotel bars, and better than hookah bars.

Music sets the tone for interactions, and the music in cocktail lounges ambient and house music tends to be the music most conducive to seduction and building and creating sexual tension. You'll find that women in cocktail lounges tend to be attractively dressed, open to meeting strangers, and often somewhat older than the women you'll meet in hotel bars e.

Women in cocktail lounges tend to be classier women than you'll find in dive bars, but similarly experienced with nighttime establishments and similarly open to casual liaisons. That means, when you ask her to leave with you and join you for a nightcap, she won't flip out and tell you in a dazed panic that she needs to ask her friends first as women at hotel bars and popular bars are wont to do , and instead will simply look you in the eye, smile like a minx, and say, "Sure Known as hookah bars or lounges in most of the United States, and shisha bars in the U.

While hookah bars aren't quite as conducive to same-night pick ups as regular cocktail lounges are as women tend to be seated more with groups of people, and thus more "entrenched" , you'll find that, on average, they're somewhat easier to pull from than hotel bars.

This is because they attract a clientele that straddles the middle ground between hotel bars and cocktail lounges. While the women you'll meet here aren't quite as experienced with going out as the women you'll meet in cocktail lounges most of the time, they tend to be more experienced and comfortable with it than the women in hotel bars, and, thus, more open to making new acquaintances and more open to doing something with those new acquaintances.

Hookah bars tend to be more "casual" than either hotel bars or cocktail lounges, inasmuch as people dress a bit less formally at these and act a bit more relaxed. However, you can still find classy, modernist hookah bars with ambient music and well-dressed women - and these tend to be your best bet for picking up that night at hookah lounges.

There's nothing "official" about these terms, but they correspond roughly to the types of venues you'll encounter. Nightclubs offer some of the most "extreme" environments you can pick up in , featuring quite often more worked up women, more jealous boyfriends, more sexual energy, and significantly shorter escalation windows than almost anywhere else.

If you weren't too sure if the mantras on Girls Chase of moving fast and attraction has an expiration date were accurate, a few rounds in a nightclub will settle all doubts.

When you read online reviews of a nightclub and see scads of women leaving 5-star reviews that read, "OMG! Don't just go here Experienced Club Guy: "Whoa, women are ecstatic about this place This place is probably the worst place in town to pick up at. The reason that women love these places is because they get mountains of emotional validation from the volumes of horny drunk guys present. The reason that men keep going to these places is because they get dances and make outs and feel women up, and keep thinking that they almost got there and that next time they're going to seal the deal.

Like we discussed in that sexual tension article, kissing women acts as an extinguisher, or a "release," for sexual tension.

Once you've kissed a girl, she knows she's got you, and she doesn't need to keep going on with you. When I used to teach pick up in-field to guys, and I'd have guys signed up for boot camps or one-on-ones, we'd usually do part of the boot camp at a dance club, simply because there were so many women there to approach, and then we'd do the rest of the session at a house club or a cocktail lounge or a wine bar, because that was where the guys would get results.

When you're getting paid to train a guy, you want to make sure he sees results, and most of these guys who are learning how to pick up only ever go to dance clubs because they feel more anonymous and easier to approach in. But they're also significantly harder to get results in. A good rule of thumb for dance clubs is this: take whatever girl you normally get at a cocktail lounge, and subtract two points.

Or whatever girl you normally get during day game and subtract four points. Normally I'm anathema to the very flawed point scale of rating women by looks, but for the sake of clarity if we use it here that'd look like this:. If you normally pull 9s during day game, you can expect to pull 7s in a cocktail lounge, and 5s at a dance club 6s on a really lucky night.

If you normally pull 8s during day game, you can expect to pull 6s in a cocktail lounge, and 4s at a dance club. Now, it is possible to pull the really hot girl from a dance club for a same-night lay; but, it's very difficult. Because of the charged emotions and the tons of men repeatedly approaching her, you're best able to pull same night from a dance club if you have perfect logistics.

That is, if you're staying in a hotel right next door to the club, or your apartment's a block down. You've essentially got to get her out of there and alone with you and escalating before the emotional high wears off, and it doesn't last long.

What about dance floor game , you might ask? Same problem. It's emotional spiking. You might get a club make out, but once you've done that for a while you'll soon realize that kissing girls in nightclubs actually makes it harder to get them out of there going home with you.

As you reach mid-pull, she starts coming out of the cloud of emotions and realizing things rationally So, she objects; she protests; and then, she begs off and leaves. Dance clubs are very tempting, I know; almost every aspiring nighttime pickup artist gravitates toward them eventually, for the number of scantily clad women they contain and the just-out-of-reach feel of those women, who will dance, touch, kiss, and flirt like crazy.

You can pull - sometimes, at the end of the night. But generally, this is only with mid-level girls who are drunk and sloppy, confused and stumbling around.

The Ins and Outs of Meeting Girls at Bars

Bolero Ozon. Owen Jones. It tells, from her point of view, how she drifted into the sex tourism industry and how she tried for years to get out of it again. The story tells, in a biographical style, of some of things that happened to her and her colleagues in the bar they worked in called 'Daddy's Hobby', but it also tells of her thoughts for her friends, her family and her 'boyfriends' - the customers. When she finally finds someone she can love and who loves her too, she agonizes over whether she will ever be able to stay with one man again after ten years of complete sexual and financial freedom with no-one to care for but herself.

July 1st, by Nick Notas 4 Comments. With the long weekend coming and the 4th of July celebrations, many of us will be going out for drinks with friends. Since most people will be in high spirits, take this as an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself and meet new, quality women.

It was interesting to say the least. That being said, however, I think people are too quick to write off bars as a valid place to meet other singles. When the police shut down nearly half a dozen in the entertainment district for money laundering, drugs and weapon sales, I could have cared less. In fact, I would say that in many ways, by being quick to write off bars, people are cutting themselves off from a valid place to meet new people. The self-consciously hip saloons that specialize in Prohibition era cocktails and bartenders who seem far too at ease with sporting old-timey handlebar mustaches and sleeve garters.

Stop Missing Dating Opportunities

In , it was estimated that approximately 11, Americans sustained traumatic spinal-cord injuries SCI each year; that number is much higher now with injured soldiers returning from Iraq and Alpert, M. Bolero Ozon. Michelle J. Spinal cord injury, or SCI, is frequently sudden and unexpected--through accident, disease, or violence, patients temporarily lose control of their bodies and, it seems, their lives. With rehabilitation, they can learn to navigate their world once more, retraining muscles and mind to compensate for paralyzed limbs and diminished strength. But as Dr. Michelle Alpert shows here, there is far more to recapturing full, independent lives than regaining movement. Central to long-term success is mending the family unit.

The 10 Girls You Meet at Every Bar

Recently we've been getting a lot of comments from guys asking how to pick up girls at bars and nightclubs. I've even had a few commenters on here asking if any of the material on Girls Chase works in nighttime venues. Well, that's funny to me, because almost everything I discuss on here was developed, tried, and tested first in bars and clubs. In fact, to this day, these remain my preferred venue type for picking up.

It's — why are you still trying to meet women at loud, crowded and expensive bars? There are so many different things that can go wrong.

My grandma first said hello to my grandpa at the beach when they were teenagers. My mom approached my dad on the dance floor at a singles' mixer. But thanks to the tried-and-true combo of Tinder and meeting people at college parties, I never learned how to meet people at a bar by yourself.

How to Pick Up Girls in Bars and Clubs

There are plenty of places on this list where you can rebuild your social and dating life. Trying to meet a woman you want to date out of a crowded bar has a lot of variables and circumstances that is out of your control. Not exactly the most ideal setting for getting to know someone, nurturing a deeper connection, and getting yourself a girlfriend in the long run. In the last seven years I've been coaching men and women in the art of connecting and finding love.

When men go to a bar or nightclub, they are often hoping to meet women. It may seem reasonable to assume that women attend these places with the same intentions in mind. Unfortunately, that is not always the case for every woman choosing to experience the nightlife. The following descriptions outline the various types of women that frequent bars and nightclubs, tips on how to approach them and which ones to avoid. If a girlfriend has just gone through a tough breakup or is desperately seeking a man, her friend may take on the duty of her wingwoman. Spotting this duo and correctly identifying which girl is filling which role can be challenging, but worth it.

Where (and How) to Meet Women Other Than Bars & Clubs

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Tokyo and a dating guide for this massive city then you are in luck. We have done our best to compile a great resource for any single guys that are looking to meet and hook up with some sexy Japanese ladies around town. By most counts it is the biggest city on the planet, it has an energy that is hard to describe, and you definitely can feel that you are in a foreign country at all times. There are many cultural differences here, and that is why at the end of this post we will be giving some travel and dating tips for tourists or new expats to Japan. Before we get to that we will cover the best places to meet single girls in Tokyo starting with the great nightlife that is available. Roppongi and Shibuya will be the main districts for that. Then we will cover places to try and pick up women during the day and how online dating can be a gold mine for you here. Table of Contents.

Aug 30, - A boozy venue like a bar or club is an obvious place to meet women. We speak with experts for ideas that are less expected.

To learn what you can do to start having more success meeting women in bars, check out the tips below. The idea that bars are among the best places to meet women is only true when you pick the right bar. So before heading to a bar to meet girls make sure it fits the following criteria:. First, pick a bar you enjoy for its own sake. The kind of bar you feel comfortable in, and where you could have fun even if no women showed up.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Tokyo & Dating Guide







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