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Moon in virgo man compatibility

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Knowing which Moon signs are compatible can help you determine how well you might get along with someone when it comes to emotional interactions. Keep in mind, there's more to this type of compatibility than meets the eye; you'll need to consider how the Moon sign relates to the Sun sign and other factors. Many astrologers consider the Moon the most important "planet" in relationships. The Moon represents your emotions. Your Moon sign is how you instinctively react to outer events and what you need to feel comfortable and secure. Which means it's difficult to be with someone who isn't in sync with your Moon.


Moon in Aries with Moon in Virgo

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Email address:. The Moon in Virgo man is very thoughtful and observant, always looking at the fine details, trying to understand them at the most minute of levels. Creative, restrained, and willful, yet also very spontaneous when something intriguing appears in his field of view, this native has many opposing characteristics.

This man knows what the big picture should look like and he tries to construct with the given resources, pursuing his goals. He tends to be overly critical, especially with himself, since he observes every single flaw that makes him fail sometimes.

This Moon in Virgo man will find his full satisfaction when everything is perfect. Personally, he wants to have a fulfilling relationship with someone who understands him, a passionate woman who knows how to spice things up in bed, and knows how to receive the affection he will give daily. Professionally, he wants to have his life already stable and organized, with a steady income, and a balance in his bank account.

He can do that. Romanticism and lovey-dovey behavior? Yep, he can go that way as well. Only during his adulthood does he get enough self-confidence and trust in himself to take on life as a true man would. That goes both for his professional and personal life.

He might be just a little too generous for his own good, because he sometimes overlooks his own responsibilities, and he might even be willing to compromise too much in order to make others happy. Moreover, he has to learn to be more confident and stick up for himself, as there will be a lot of people who will try to stifle their advance or steal their opportunities.

And the fact is that once you have a Moon in Virgo organizing your company, working on the management part, the production rates will climb through the roof, efficiency will increase exponentially, and so on. His magnetic charm and professional success are really what women will mostly look for.

Almost no one can resist the temptation to smack him in the head after such a bout of self-loathing. This Moon in Virgo native is very uninhibited and unrestrained in his imagination, always coming up with the most uncommon ideas, which are often a result of his skepticism and rationality.

Moreover, he knows what he wants from life, what kind of lifestyle would please him most, and the type of partner that he would want to live his life with. His organizational and managerial instincts are so strong that he tries to bring order and balance to pretty much everything, everywhere, every time. Without him, the whole structure would collapse within minutes, and he cares about the little things that affect health.

It would be ideal if they gave him the time to look after himself as well. This man wants his partner to follow her own purpose, to think for herself, to be affectionate and loving when he gets overly-serious and focused on a project. It will be quite hard to resist the temptation to argue back but remember that he only does it to correct some flaws.

Before fully committing himself to a relationship and revealing his inner emotions, his woman will have to prove that she can handle it all. Sensuality and sexual charisma are equally important, as he will want to taste the forbidden fruit and experience the most intense and passionate feelings together.

The Moon in Virgo man will only feel satisfied and fulfilled after he has completely finished a project. There are many obstacles and tests and the way will be fraught with difficulties, but with patience and meticulousness, the end of the road will offer the most satisfying rewards. He respects people who respect their promises. Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.

Menu i. Search Search for: Search. The Moon in Virgo man in a nutshell: Positives: Astute and organized; Negatives: Jealous and cruel; Soulmate: Someone who has a rich imagination and is uninhibited; Life lesson: Allowing others to win his trust. Search for: Search.

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Virgo moon compatibility with all twelve Moon Signs. Please select a second Moon Sign from the drop down menu…. Virgo Moon and Aries Moon can make a relationship work, but it may take some effort on the part of both people. They get along fairly well most of the time until circumstances cause them to react. This is what brings out their differences.

There is some chance that you may get along, one sign will probably be more tolerant of the other usually the Leo Moon in this relationship , also the Leo moon is generally very emotional compared to the mentally driven Virgo Moon. Be aware that the Leo Moon will tend to feel things from an emotional aspect, while the Virgo Moon will feel them mentally. There is a strong indication that you are here to share a karmic relationship in this lifetime.

Back to Moon Sign Compatibility. Read more about what it means to have the Moon in Virgo. You will need to do quite a bit of adjusting in order to harmonize with one another on a daily basis, as your personal habits and instinctive emotional responses to situations are very different, and may become a source of considerable irritation over time. Virgo is careful and needs to thoroughly analyze a situation before proceeding.

Moon Sign Compatibility

Discriminating, hard working and practical, you tend to rely more on your intellect than on your instincts , even in love. Being an earth sign, however, you are sensual and passionate — in private, and with the right person. Virgo Moon compatibility is not at all showy and is quite low key, but no less endearing for that. Because Virgo energies are so perfectionist, you do tend to be highly critical of anything or anyone who fails to match up to your high standards. This can make Virgo Moon compatibility something of an uphill struggle for more free-wheeling signs , but those who persevere in trying to please you will reap the rewards in the end — you are a hugely supportive partner and will move heaven and earth to help your partner whenever you can. And although that critical nature of yours can become very annoying at times, you apply your criticisms just as much to yourself as you do to others — nobody could accuse you of hypocrisy, since you are your own worst critic. If you were born with the Moon in Virgo, your dutiful nature shows itself when the chips are down. For this reason, Virgo Moon compatibility insists on a responsible partner who can join you in the hard work — or at the very least who will not object to you taking on all manner of duties which could have been done by someone else. Your loving partner, however, sees beyond the slightly hassled air you sometimes have, having taken on too much — they see the devoted heart underneath, and they adore and respect your willingness to make sacrifices. A partner who takes Virgo Moon compatibility seriously will understand this, and will help and encourage you to enjoy hobbies, friendships outside the relationship, vacations and just plain down time.

Virgo Moon Compatibility

Zodiac Compatibility 8, Views. The Virgin is a loyal, sensual star sign and a deeply loving person. Born when the moon is in Virgo, you are not as sexually frigid, it is a misconception. Virgo Moon sign you have normal sexual needs, and only when you are with someone special that you shed your shyness. Moon Virgo you are frequently misunderstood because you are a shy, private person.

When it comes to astrology much is made of romantic compatibility, especially with sun signs.

According to Vedic Astrology, compatibility between the moon signs is important to be analyzed to predict how the wedded life of the couple would be. Following are the compatibility results of Virgo with the 12 Moon signs between a man and a woman: Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign Both of you may have to put in your efforts to make the relationship work out, as both of your tastes, habits and emotional responses are different. This may sometimes act as a source of irritation in the long run.

The Moon in Virgo Man: Get to Know Him Better

Moon Virgos are at home in routine, and show control freak traits when thrown off balance. The lunar nature, when it's expressed through Virgo , seeks purification, well-being and order. The Virgo Moons I know are hyper-alert to their surroundings, making them high maintenance travelers.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Virgo Moon - Your Emotional Nature

Earthy Virgo Moon is like the fertile ground from which crops grow. Watery Pisces Moon is like a meandering river that turns into a waterfall that suddenly crashes to Earth. These two signs are polar opposites on the zodiac. Virgo Moon is neat, tidy, and needs to be needed. It needs to have order. Pisces Moon is hapless, dreamy, imaginative, and escapist.

These Moon Signs Are Most Compatible For Relationships & Love

Email address:. The Moon in Virgo man is very thoughtful and observant, always looking at the fine details, trying to understand them at the most minute of levels. Creative, restrained, and willful, yet also very spontaneous when something intriguing appears in his field of view, this native has many opposing characteristics. This man knows what the big picture should look like and he tries to construct with the given resources, pursuing his goals. He tends to be overly critical, especially with himself, since he observes every single flaw that makes him fail sometimes.

Great with a secure Scorpio Moon, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces, but she won't find joy in a fire Moon (Leo, Cancer Man Libra Woman Compatibility.

First few meetings with a Virgo might not go bad for Aries. But what if they end up in a relationship? This is where the differences will turn things sour for them. But yes, in the beginning, Virgo's inability to be happy with imperfection and imbalance is going to be deeply intriguing for our lunar Martian.

Find Out the "Type of Woman" You Were Meant to Love!

In the previous HP article, we discussed how to find out " the type of man you were meant to love. Have you ever said to a friend, "She's such a fabulous woman! She has lots of the qualities I love about my mother. I'm sure she'd make a great partner, but she just doesn't excite me.

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

If it seems like your zodiac sign isn't a great match with the sign of your crush, date, or significant other, don't worry. Try looking at the moon sign pairings that work best in relationships, because there's a lot more to consider about someone's astrological chart than just their sun sign. It indicates the drive for security, stability , intimacy, and belonging.



Moon in Virgo - Your Virgo Moon



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